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The structure and placements for the 2016 season have been approved by the SCCL Management Committee.
There will be no mixture of Saturday and Sunday cricket in any division.
A new Sunday Division One has been formed (formerly Div 4A) and also a Sunday Division Two, which are linked with promotion & relegation.
Division Five no longer exists, with its former sides incorporated into Division Four, Reserve Three, and Sunday Two.
All sides have been placed accordingly.
22 matches are scheduled for all divisions except Sunday Two, where sides will play 18 games.
Reserve Three contains 16 sides split into two geographical groups. All teams will play sides in their own group twice, and the other eight once only on an arbitrary H/A basis.
Premier Div (12 sides): Wem, Reman, Frankton, St Georges, Broseley, Quatt, Madeley, Ludlow, Bomere Heath, Albrighton (promoted), Shelton (promoted), Forton (promoted).
Div One (12 sides): Cound (relegated), Wroxeter Grove (relegated), Alberbury, Knockin & Kinnerley, Allscott, Newtown, M Drayton, Lilleshall, Beacon, Pontesbury, Condover (promoted), Wellington 3 (promoted).

Div Two (12 sides): Tibberton (relegated), Willey, Welshpool, Ellesmere, Montgomery, Cae Glas, Bishops Castle, Shrewsbury 3, C. Stretton, Prees, Iscoyd & Fenns Bank (promoted), Wheaton Aston (promoted).
Div Three (12 sides): M Wenlock (relegated), Shifnal 3, Church Aston, Llanidloes, Calverhall, Corvedale, Ludlow 3, Chelmarsh, Harpers, Trysull & Seisdon (promoted), Hodnet & Peplow (promoted), Harcourt (promoted).
Div Four (12 sides): Wroxeter Grove 3 (relegated), Hinstock, Overton, St Georges 3, A Reynald, Coton Hall, Beacon 3, Guilsfield, Bridgnorth 3, Quayside, Quatt 3, Allscott 3.
Res One (12 sides): Cound 2, Ludlow 2, Quatt 2, Wem 2, Reman 2, St Georges 2, Frankton 2, Wellington 4, Beacon 2, Madeley 2, Knockin 2 (promoted), Alberbury 2 (promoted).
Res Two (12 sides): Bomere H 2 (relegated), Lilleshall 2, Wroxeter Grove 2, Willey 2, Shelton 2, Condover 2, Pontesbury 2, Forton 2, Cae Glas 2, Montgomery 2 (promoted), Ellesmere 2 (promoted), Iscoyd & Fenns 2 (promoted).
Res Three (16 sides): Allscott 2 (relegated), M Drayton 2, Broseley 2, M Wenlock 2, Albrighton 2, Shifnal 4, St Georges 4, Lilleshall 4 (now playing Saturdays); A Reynald 2, Shrewsbury 4, Bishops Castle 2, Corvedale 2, Welshpool 2 (relegated), Newtown 2,  Llanidloes 2, Whittington (new entry, temporary positioning).

Sunday Div One (12 sides, was Div 4A): Oswestry 3 (from Div 3), Newport 3, Bomere H 3, Alberbury 3, Cound 3, Worfield 3, Wem 3, Frankton 3, Knockin 3, Reman 3, Pontesbury 3 (promoted from Div 5), Wellington 5.
Sunday Div Two (10 sides): Madeley 3 (relegated from Div 4A), Whitchurch 3 (relegated from Div 4A), M Drayton 3 (new entrant), Lilleshall 3 (now playing Sundays, from Div 5), Oswestry 4 (from Res 3), Ludlow 4 (now playing Sundays, from Div 5), Knockin 4 (from Div 5), Madeley 4 (from Div 5), Bridgnorth 4 (new entrant), Wellington 6 (from Div 5).